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Higher Education

Connecting colleges to students & employers

We firmly believe when students know that their education will lead to a great career—one that fits who they are and is in-demand with employers—they will engage with their education at a deeper and more effective level.

How We Help

We'll partner with your college to help you leverage your economic impact, offer
industry-aligned academic programs, and drive student success.

Economic Impact

Community engagement is a two-way conversation. You need to communicate the value of your institution and understand the needs of your region.

We help colleges leverage their economic impact to gain support from community stakeholders and get the information they need from local businesses to stay ahead of changing industries.

Program Strategy

What programs should you offer to meet your community’s needs? How will those needs change in three years?

We provide predictive analytics and consulting around your program offerings so you can know what’s in-demand, and what’s feasible to offer.

Student Success

Students attend college to get a better job. They’re not just choosing a major, they’re choosing a career.

We help drive student success by connecting current and prospective students to career pathways, and career pathways to your program offerings.

Success Stories

See how some of the most innovative colleges use Emsi data