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Program Strategy

Keep up with the dynamic needs of your region

What programs does your region need?

Our economists and data scientists provide predictive analytics and consulting for your institution’s local economy. Their work proves what programs your community needs and whether or not they’re feasible for your college to offer.

Helping Institutions Answer :

What are the best new program opportunities based on the labour market?

Which of our programs should we scale and prioritize?

Which employers do we need to work with and what are their needs?

Should we offer our programs online or on campus?

How We Help

Identifying Program Opportunities

  • Identify industries and occupations that are in-demand or emerging
  • Use custom mapping to connect your programs to regional occupations
  • Analyze the existing talent pool and evaluate competition from other institutions

Validating Feasibility

We survey key businesses in your region to validate the potential of new programs and quantify exactly what employers look for in graduates.

To ensure your new program is a worthy investment, we estimate the impact it would have on your region. If you’re building it from the ground up, we factor in the cost of building new facilities, hiring new faculty, and recruiting new students.

Building Capacity

For colleges seeking to build internal capacity around making program decisions and answering ad-hoc questions, we train members of the campus team to use Analyst, our labour market and program research software.

Analyst covers more than 99% of the workforce and was voted a Reader’s Choice Top Product by University Business.

Success Stories

See how some of the most innovative colleges are partnering with Emsi