Economic Impact

Prove the value of your institution & earn the support of your community

Presidents and other institutional executives often need to demonstrate their institution’s role in their states or communities, as well as the return that funders receive for their investments. Anecdotes have their place, but when it comes to proving your economic impact, you need proof. Our economic impact study puts data behind the economic and social benefits of your institution.

Equipping leaders in higher education

Prove the value of your institution

Change the public’s perception of education

Gain greater financial support from your community

Better understand your institution

What does the study measure?

Impact Analysis

Operations Effects:
Your institution plays a significant role in your community’s economy. We determine the added net income generated in the region as a result of your institution’s payroll and its purchases for supplies and services.

Student Spending Effects:
We help you identify how out-of-region students and commuters can markedly affect your region. Money spent on food, transportation, and other personal expenses links directly to your institution.

Student Productivity Effects:
How much do your graduates influence the local workforce? We tally the impact of your graduates’ higher earnings and increased productivity in the regional workforce.

Investment Analysis

Student Investment Analysis:
Graduates enjoy a lifetime of higher earnings. Using various investment measures, we compare the present value of these higher earnings with the costs of their education.

Taxpayer Investment Analysis:
State and local taxpayers benefit from an increased tax base and social benefits such as improved health, lower crime, reduced welfare need, and lower unemployment.

Societal Investment Analysis:
The benefits to the society as a whole are measured in terms of total added income, added tax revenues, and avoided social costs due to improved health, lower crime, and reduced welfare need, and unemployment.